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Miha Body Tec

Golfers Can Benefit from Increased Swing Speed, Reduced Fatigue, and Better Core Stability


virtual swing analysis

See the swing motion from six different angles: Face-on, Down-the-Line, Behind, From Target, Above and Below


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CGR offers Personalized Coaching with Marty Evans & Team Catalyst through the CoachNow app.

A complete coaching solution

We believe all golfers dream of playing more consistent golf. We have developed a comprehensive process of game improvement that makes this dream a reality. We start with a complete assessment of your swing, physical fitness, equipment, strategy, and many other aspects that could affect your golf course performance. Our team of experts then carefully creates and maintains detailed programs for all areas that need attention to help you accomplish your goals. We then constantly track your progress with many performance metrics to ensure success.

High performance training

Fitness and rehabilitation that will take your game to the next level

tour coaching services

Complete team based solutions to create a winning environment on Tour

junior development

Fun for kids and grounded in science your junior athletes will see new levels of success


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Detailed Game Assessment

Our assessment process captures data on all aspects of your game from physical to 3D motion and then progresses to personalized coaching for every player. Book your assessment today and begin the road to golf performance excellence!


Includes the two-hour assessment and initial coaching session to recap the assessment and learn initial programs. This option is recommended for local players.


Two-day program including the assessment, interactive program development, initial program coaching, and practice strategy planning. This option is recommended for visiting players.

long term coaching

Our innovative performance programs take a holistic approach to training players of all ages and skill levels. Whether you fancy yourself an enthusiast or aspire to execute performance factors at the highest level, we will help you achieve your goals.


billed quarterly


billed annually

Tour-Specific Coaching

Consistent success on tour requires excellent preparation, program periodization, and schedule management. We help simplify all these areas and let you focus on what matters – Winning. With a collective effort, we guide a harmonious balance between your swing practice, skill development, fitness programs, nutrition plan, and much more.

Catalyst Golf Performance On Tour

Elite players on professional tours need more specific practice, fitness programs, and nutritional guidance. We offer a complete solution for these needs that eliminates guesswork to optimize your results. We develop these programs to work together toward unified goals.

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