Marty Evans, Owner | Director of Golf

How did you start doing this type of work?

My father shared his passion for the game when I was young. My first memory was watching him hit golf balls at Tower Tee Driving range. I must have been small as I remember my feet were dangling from the bench. Golf was the glue that always kept us together.

While running my DJ entertainment business, (mostly evenings) I met the lead instructor for the John Jacobs Golf Schools who would become my mentor. I took a part-time job for the summer to help out. Witnessing the jubilation of the golfers as they achieved goals they thought were unattainable reignited my passion for the game. At that moment I knew what I wanted. Within 6 months I was teaching full time collecting every bit of knowledge I could to help golfers reach their potential.

Later, in 2009 I discovered the Titleist Performance Institute and was in awe of the system of assessment, evaluation and building coaching programs to help players reach a higher-level of performance.


  • TPI Certified: Golf Instructor III, Junior Coach III, Golf Biomechanics II, Power Coach II
  • Trackman Professional
  • Boditrak Certified
  • Quintic Ball Roll Certified
  • K Motion 3D Motion Capture Specialist

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