Mike Napoleon, Director of Golf

Michael believes strongly that innovation, creativity, and proper use of technology are the keys to helping all golfers achieve their goals and increase their enjoyment with the game of golf.  As founder of the Chicago based coaching and performance company, Catalyst Golf Performance, Michael has put these principles into direct practice coaching amateurs and professionals to new heights of success on the course.  Combining many aspect that can affect performance on the course, Michael and his team of fitness professionals, wellness coaches, rehabilitation specialists, and golf coaches are able to truly take on any case with the utmost confidence and proven success.  Now with the development of the SuperSpeed Golf Training System, Michael and partner Kyle Shay are taking their coaching brand to the next level and providing a system that can help golfers increase swing speed and biomechanical efficiency.  With product distribution now in 15 countries and over 65 touring professionals working with the system, SuperSpeed Golf is truly able to bring increased performance and enjoyment to golfers all over the world.


  • PGA Certified Professional
  • TPI Certified: Golf Instructor III, Junior Coach III, Golf Biomechanics II, Golf mechanics II, Golf Coaching II

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